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·۰• That unforgettable memory, I'm gonna hold them tight..


Proud to be a craaazy fangirl!

If you have nothing much better to do, then maybe you would like to read my history with KAT-TUN but, warn you, it's boring xDD If you don't have any interest in reading the history, then move your eyes to the right side. That is ..my bio? (:

Okay, starto! I have no interest in Japanese stuff AT ALL until one day when my friend started introducing Jap dramas to me. Yukan Club is one of them. Yes, i fell in love with Jin Akanishi. You have no idea how much i missed his hair and his cuteness ;PPP
Next, i learn about the existance of KAT-TUN. Then i listened to their songs. I don't really like those songs at first though. Because they're all kinda noisy. But slowly i realize that this type of music are L.O.V.E. XD biased
So, in every video i only focus on Jin. Soon, I started loving Akame. Then Kazuya Kamenashi takes over Jin's place in my heart. xDDD!
Now i'm totally in love with Kame. Everything he does is sexy cute! ;P
So yeah, i guess this is the end of my history with them.

Hah, short but, boring. I'm useless in entertaining people through words. Oops! xP

All time favourite KAT-TUN songs:
Real Face ♥
White X'mas ♥♥
Precious One ♥
One Drop ♥
Harukana Yakusoku ♥
Don't U Ever Stop ♥
Never Again ♥
Rush of Light ♥
Kizuna - 亀梨和也 ♥♥
Someday for Somebody - 亀梨和也 ♥

You can call me, Min. I'm 15. A Chinese. Living in Malaysia. I'm more of a fan of Kamenashi Kazuya! I'm usually happy and friendly. Can be really childish at times.. Love making new friends. So, don't hesitate if you wanna add me as friend (:

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