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pinklovekt [userpic]

Uhm.. Hello! (:
This is just a boring LJ which i create for the sake of posting comments to wonderful communities.
I don't post fanfics (yet?) or any goodies.
So, yeah. It's boring. ;PP
Maybe you accidentally drop by or something. Just to warn you. xDD
By the way, would you mind leaving a comment here if u wanna add me as friend? =) 

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pinklovekt [userpic]

Hey hey, should've announced this early.
"risenning" is my new livejournal.
I don't think i'll be using this one anymore. HAH, just because i wanna change my username. Silly, eh?
Pls do add me if u still wanna be friends with me (:

I'm still in love with Akame btw :D ♥

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pinklovekt [userpic]

Since my journal is practically dead, i would like to post something now.
I'm always on Twitter and Tumblr nowadays.
Follow me if u want :D

Yay for Twitter and Tumblr! :DDD

PS: Havin' headache now D8 FML. Bye-cycle!

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pinklovekt [userpic]

Yayy! PMR (an important exam at my age in my country) is overrrrr!
And that means my laptop is back! x)
And that means KAT-TUN is back in my life again. XDDD

I missed :-

1) KAT-TUN!!  ♥♥♥♥♥

2) Kazuya Kamenashi!! ♥♥♥♥♥

3) Jin Akanishi!! ♥♥♥♥

4) Akame!! ♥♥♥♥

5) Fanfics!!

6) Johnny's

6) and Twitter? :)

Yippee! I have 2 months to enjoy before the results come out. If they're good, i'll enjoy more. If they're bad, i'll ...die, maybe? jk XD

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pinklovekt [userpic]

Watched Cartoon KAT-TUN ep 35.
Guest: L'Arc en Ciel
SP Medley: Crystal Kay!

So, Crystal Kay and KAT-TUN sang a few songs together. Then it was Crystal Kay's turn to sing and Kame backdanced for her. And at the ending part of that song, ...


I kinda love this picture. (Oh nooo! What had happened to me? XDD)
Kame's smile was so cute and sweeet! x)))

I still love Akame the best though. ;PPP

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pinklovekt [userpic]

I was watching Cartoon KAT-TUN ep 28, then ....
Look at what Jin said..
Airing date: 2007.10.10 ;P

Here..Collapse )

I shouldn't be posting something like that actually. I should post something related to their Taiwan con. ;P
Now.. I'm so envious of those lucky fangirls that can meet those gorgeous boys.
All i can do is to sit in front of my laptop and wait patiently for a detailed fan report >_<
Anyway, hope Uepi will recover fast from his injury. And "KAMENASHI~!!".. Lmao!!
I'm talking too much now. -_-

Last word: I thought i wouldn't, but i did miss him. x|

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pinklovekt [userpic]

Is there such thing called gifspam? XDD!
Anyway, it's only a few gifs that i decided to share.

I don't own any of these gifs.
If it's yours, tell me. I'll definitely credit you. (:

Moree!Collapse )

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pinklovekt [userpic]

I realize i'm addicted to FANFICS! Akame ones of course..
Seriously, some authors are really really good! Hope they could update faster. Cause i'm impatient XDD
Anyway, i'll have to wait! (:
There are fics that i miss too. Those authors are on hiatus. So i'll have to wait and wait. I bet i'll squeal if i saw an update from those authors that i miss. ;D

It's been long since i last update right? Or not. I forgot x)
I didn't have anything better to do, so i guess i should spoil your f-list a little. XDDD! Just kidding. ;PPP

It's holiday! So i'll be sitting in front of my laptop 24/7.. Nahh, i have to sleep too but KAT-TUN is just too addictive!!
No More Pain! I'm waiting. 16 June, huh..
N.M.P is a great song. And the PV is gonna be the best thing ever! Saw the CM and i'm like 'oh! eyelinerrrr!'
Pure sexiness.. ;P
And Ueda with the butterfly on his face again. How cute!
Oh oh! I'm addicted to Smile too. That song by KAT-TUN in Going! single..
Kimi ni deatta koto..
.. Seems like i'm addicted to too many things. But it's all KAT-TUN and KAT-TUN related stuff. So i'm proud of it! x)
Being a fangirl is fun..!

The live football thingy will start in a few hours, right?
Wow! I wonder if Jin would watch. And Maru! Will they watch? A question that will remain unknown..

Ok then, bye-cycle! <3333
[Off to find more fics to read!]

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pinklovekt [userpic]

Hey! Anyone can help me? (Someone from Malaysia)
I wanted to buy KAT-TUN's album, No More Pain, but i have no idea how. Totally! Cos i'm new.. (good excuse?)
Haha! I don't have credit card or whatever, so ... i'm seriously dumb, i know! x(

Maybe someone from Malaysia could pre-order it for me and then send it to my house when the album arrives at your place.. Then i'll send the money order to u. Or maybe i'll send the money order to u first, before u send the stuff to me?
Ahhh! Do u understand what i meant? Cos that's the best way i can think of.. I'm so stupid *sigh* arghhh!
I'm really running out of time. Since there is not much stock left (i guess ;P)
I want the LE one, btw (:

So anyone could help? We can chat a little in MSN or something and i assure u that i won't cheat.. I mean, i won't take the album and fly away. =___= (Once again, i'm crapping..)

*puppy eyes* Pls? (((:

Sry for being dumb.. ;P

Current Mood: nervousnervous
pinklovekt [userpic]

Yay! It's my birthday. Didn't really celebrate though. Cos i'm in a new place this year. Where people might not be close with me yet. Hmm...

But i'm still so happy. Because i get to know how precious these old friends are to me.
I miss them so muchhh!
They recorded some videos where they sang Happy Birthday songs to me (or to the camera) in a few languages including Japanese! x)) Then uploaded those vids in their blogs. It's total L.O.V.E! For me! ;P
Love and miss them so much. *sobs* . Now i know how it feels when u're missing someone, or rather everyone so badly.. T__T
ecstaticbaka is the only one that has LJ. Others? Blogspot.. xD

Receive lots of birthday wishes in Facebook. Still hasn't stop till now, i guess. ;P !! I'm not showing off, am i? xP Just being a happy soul. :DDDDD
U know, people can be a total show off when they're damn happy. Like, "I won! I won! I'm the first!". Or something like that. xP Yes, it's so lame, i know. People like me crap when they're happy or excited. LMAO! & ROFL!

How i wish one of those wishes are from KAT-TUN. The real KAT-TUN, i mean. XD hahaha!
That will be dream come true, babe! ^^ But, uhh! Impossible. LOL!


Ah! Tomorrow will be Yamapi's birthday, right? Yay ^^!
K, that's all for today.

PS: Sry for spoiling your f-list. XP Sryyy.. Sry for crapping! XD

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Current Music: Happy Birthday - NEWS (i'm not listening to it, just humming XP)
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